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VILA CINI was established in 1997 with new concept of Thai Silk

From plain-color silk weaving for decades of Thai Silk Business, VILA CINI realizes that it is the time to develop silk weaving with distinguished concept but the product remains to be silk. This kind of development started from selecting authentic silk floss with excellent quality, dyeing, preparation before weaving and the last step like weaving in every process with delicacy. Therefore, every meter of weaved cloth contains of high quality silk. Process of differentiating quality is the same with general silk factory after the weave finishes; it is less necessary for VILA CINI to build up another level of silk standard in Thai Silk Business.

Colors of VILA CINI Silk Clothes are suitable for house decoration products by using only 8 shades of classic colors from trying to dye more than 2000 color shades. New model of dyeing is also being used to diminish natural gloss of silk floss so VILA CINI Silk has remarkable colors which are obviously different from other silks.

Apart from classic tones which have been popular, VILA CINI added green and red color tone with influence of colors in Impressionism master artists’ works such as green of lotus leaf in Water Lilies drawn by Claude Monet, blue from the background of Two Cut Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh and red flower bush from Thatched Cottage at Trouville drawn by Gustave Caillebotte etc.

Mudmee Silk from Northeastern region directly influenced design of VILA CINI. From pattern of ancient sarong, VIL CINI used some components of Mudmee Silk to adjust and expand so that it is suitable to be clothes pattern for house decoration by using selected color tones so that cloth color and pattern are divisibly compatible.

For VILA CINI Plain Silk Cloth, it contains of different size of silk floss lining straight and weaving crosswise so that plain-color cloth has quality of high and low relief. When silk touches light, it reflects sparkly with outstanding beauty. VILA CINI is the prototype of this weaving and is supposed to be a role model for Thai Silk manufacturer extensively.

VILA CINI also emphasizes on developing pattern, color and products incessantly so as to use Silk Product with high quality and distinguished design as cultural diplomacy for both domestic and international customers.    

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