Sharing the beauty of Thai silk products with the world, since 1997.
For over 17 years, VILA CINI has been producing decorative home products in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Our quality silk products feature creative, innovative designs and individual textures. VILA CINI’s original colors and special adaptations to the traditional Ikat (Mud-Mee) weaving method produce an amazing silk fabric that has revolutionized the silk weaving industry. Our decorative home products have a sense of classic elegance, with timeless beauty and traditional style.
VILA CINI takes great care at every stage in the silk weaving process. From choosing the finest silk yarn, to carefully dyeing, winding, and weaving our expertly designed silk products, VILA CINI maintains quality control, culminating in products of the highest possible quality.
VILA CINI is continuously developing new fabrics and product designs, and remains committed to providing elegant silk products for home decoration throughout the world.